"Every Album Needs Grecian Hair and Sensible Shoes"

The title of this post was uttered by the amazing and incomparable Tanisha Kane who isn't really called Tanisha Kane but I feel like withholding her true identity at least for a while because I'm selfish and want her spectacularity all to myself. And I felt that her statement deserved an entire post dedicated to it because I agree so wholeheartedly. Sensible shoes and Grecian hair aid greatly in the success of a photoshoot. Like the ones we initiate all the time instead of writing essays and reading philosophy textbooks. We're some studious kids.
What we prefer to focus on are our problems in speech. I say "dert" when referring to a person of utmost class. Tanisha (who's not Tanisha) says "gihlfriend" when we are looking for a suitable partner for our other friend Clancy (also a fake name for his protection because I wouldn't want other people to recognize him as the guy who says "vengetable").
We also are victims to the demon that is fbook. We know a guy who updates his status every 27 seconds. Worse that that is that we all hang on his every incorrectly spelled word, waiting for the next update. Is it because we want to know what's happening in his life?
Is it because we are awful people who love nothing more than a good old fashioned status bash?
Kind of.
Is it because we are 100% addicted and it's harder to kick than crack?

We're trying though. Because I'm pretty sure this is how people like Lauren Conrad and Paris Hilton's boyfriend get famous... People are just too addicted to the unimportant events in their lives that they can't pry themselves away. The Poster is a nice guy, though a little bit shy, but the last thing we need is for these posts about crackers and song lyrics to become a nationwide pandemic.

Instead we should all just read my nothing posts about posts about nothing. ;)