You know the one.
His top is on upside down, so the curly pattern is faceplanted in the icing.
Some people complain about the Stupid Oreo and whine about quality control and how they can't eat it like a real Oreo because the whole twist, lick, (dunk), munch formula is thrown off by the cream (first of all, if we're being honest it's not cream at all. It's icing. Come on now) being stuck in the crevices (side note: my geomorphology prof last year always made a point of saying creVASSes when talking about glaciers so we would know they were a way bigger deal than a regular crevice such as what you find on an Oreo).
I don't have a problem with the Stupid Oreo for two reasons:
1) I don't eat Oreos according to the prescribed formula. Everything is better in sandwich form, why would you purposely de-sandwich something?
2) I didn't even buy real Oreos. All is forgiven when you're store-brand.