This is Mikey, the teddybear I made for one of my besties a while back. Remember? I told you about it. Remember? Whatever, here's a picture so that you can determine whether he in fact does or does not look like a pig.

Regardless, he's cute.



When it's not being a bitch.

Wireless Router- busted
Antivirus Updater- not working due to aforementioned router issues
My Boyfriend's Hardrive- toast
T9 On My Cell- unbelievably slow for an impatient child such as myself
My Mp3 Player- keeps shorting out from the static in the freezer at work
Okay that's pretty much it, but it's a fairly long list when you just want something to work.

In other news: 5 Weeks Until moving day. Unbearably excited.



Today was a freezer day at work. This was mostly because I didn't to deal with customers and partially because I was enjoying the knowledge that I was actually accomplishing something. What got me through hours spent in the -17 degree Celsius walk-in freezer was Rob Thomas' new album Cradlesong. Ooh my lordy, it's a good one. Now what tends to happen with my family and movies, music and inventions is we like something we've discovered and we tell people and they scoff. 2 months later it is THE BIGGEST THING EVER KNOWN. Harry Potter for example, I received the first book for my 8th birthday and my mother told me "the lady in the bookstore said her kids really enjoyed this book. I don't know if it's any good, but it looked interesting". Yeah it was good. BAM! Everyone adores Harry Potter. Anyway, Rob Thomas. Excellent new album. Fave tracks would have to be Gasoline, RealWorld 09, and Give Me the Meltdown. After Her Diamonds dies out a bit on radio one of those four are going to be ginormously popular. Guaranteed. I'm exhausted and will soon be sleeping, but I had to get that information out there to go on the record of the amazingness of this album.