Siobhan: I have to listen to Some Nights. It's been in my head since hayes sang it while I made

Sophie: Let's listen together. say when.
           and I will hit play
           and a portal will open

Siobhan: Play
             I think the portal opened in my fridge
             it started making weird noises.
             Where did you go?
             ARE YOU IN MY FRIDGE?!



8:28: The birds outside my window woke me up by sounding like they're being strangled by the thousands. I hope you got to wake up to something thoroughly less disturbing and obnoxious. Starships perhaps.
8:35- I just texted Sophie [about the birds] and used the phrase "on the other hand". My rudely awakened brain wrote "on the other ham" and I laughed and laughed. Imagine that was a saying?! The world would be infinitely more hilarious.
8:36- Good news, even though I feel physically worse today than yesterday, mentally I'm better and in good humour.

8:58: I'm glad you mentally feel better but on the other ham I wish you felt physically better.

--- end of texts because I basically died laughing ---

Hahahhahahahhahahahhahaaa! Ham... You guys, it gets me every time!

Shh. I said I felt better in the sense that I was in good humour. Not that I was any less stupid.



Happy Birthday to Canada (yesterday). Canada Day is actually one of my favourite days of the year. I like summer and picnics and fireworks and I absolutely love my country. I had to work so I wasn't picnicking, but I celebrated by bringing all my coworkers strawberry shortcake cupcakes. And my best friend and I had a few beers and joined our fellow Calgarians at the festivities downtown for a few hours once we were done selling small appliances to the NO CUSTOMERS that we had all day. We wandered for a while and were both tired and called it a night at around 9, which suited us both fine.I went to bed happy and exhausted, so I think that's a success.

Red and White and a Canadian Beer. Low key and classy. A rare occurance for me.

The other day I mentioned that I wore my pink dress that I made. This is probably the girliest picture of me in history. Why did I do that with my face? I don't understand. Jeeze... Anyway, it's pink. It's pretty. It helped me sell zero units of what I was demoing. Typical.

I certainly don't look like the kind of kid who would be taking a class entitled "Bang your head! The History of Heavy Metal" for the next 6 weeks. Admittedly I am enrolled in the class mistakenly after a serious miscommunication on the part of the school. They told me it was something else. It is not. But there is neither a textbook nor a final exam. I'll be learning about something I haven't learned before. We have presentations to do. I might play a facemelting solo on my ukulele. Bam. Instant A.

In other news, my allergies make it feel like there are tiny men in my ears mining for gold (gold being my genius ideas that my brain fabricates on occasion). I hope the heavy metal listening exams don't amplify this feeling. Because it quite honestly feels like this guy has just taken up residence in my ear canals:

Yes, he's been with me since March

This afternoon I am reading and writing and sewing and drawing and cleaning.

And napping. Gotta nap, it's pretty much as essential as breathing.