And that was a very poor decision.

Remember when I said that cutting it in half and segmenting it with a knife would be "time consuming"?


I peeled that betch like an orange. All the rind was off except that white stuff. So I peeled that off. 10 minutes later I ripped off a segment and took a bite.

My, was that fruit a Bitter Betty. Maybe it's because i dropped it on the floor and then tore all of its skin off. Or maybe it's because that's what Grapefruits do.

So I realized the see through skin that holds the whole fruit together was too bitter to eat so I had to get rid of it.

So i separated every little bead of grapefruit from the skin.
It was time consuming to say the least.

After 45 minutes I had a bowl full of shredded grapefruit and a pile of refuse.

I wanted neither.


So I've been away from my blog for a while. It happens to everyone. Things come up.
School, daily bus rides, hunger pangs.
It was one of those aforementioned pangs of hunger that prompted me to write today. That image above is a picture of my grapefruit that I have selected for eating to quell the pangs.
Don't get excited though, this post is pretty much pointless; I just don't know how to eat my grapefruit.
It took me a few hours of Hungry to realize that I wanted to eat. And what better to eat than a large citrus that smells delicious and tastes sweet AND sour at the same time (and for real, not like the claims of the Red Sauce that comes with chicken balls)?
I went to the fridge, pulled out the bag of grapefruit, proceeded to drop one on the floor, whimpered as it bounced off the stove then picked it up and washed it.
Now I don't know what to do.
I could peel it like an orange, but the white pithy stuff on grapefruits is more obnoxious than that on oranges, and the skin is thicker. Plus your hands get all covered in wax and juice. It's a mess. But easy to eat.
I could (as is the usual case) slice this sucker in half then meticulously cut each segment free so that I can scoop 'em up with a spoon, but this method is time consuming and leaves much of the grapefruit stuck forever to the rind. However, if I don't want the whole thing I can save half for later. Contrariwise, I am pretty hungry after all of this quandering*.
Then there's the salt/sugar/plain dilemma.
I'm all in a tizzy.

I might just eat grapes.