And that was a very poor decision.

Remember when I said that cutting it in half and segmenting it with a knife would be "time consuming"?


I peeled that betch like an orange. All the rind was off except that white stuff. So I peeled that off. 10 minutes later I ripped off a segment and took a bite.

My, was that fruit a Bitter Betty. Maybe it's because i dropped it on the floor and then tore all of its skin off. Or maybe it's because that's what Grapefruits do.

So I realized the see through skin that holds the whole fruit together was too bitter to eat so I had to get rid of it.

So i separated every little bead of grapefruit from the skin.
It was time consuming to say the least.

After 45 minutes I had a bowl full of shredded grapefruit and a pile of refuse.

I wanted neither.

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