I mean, right?

Hi. It's only been about 5 months since I last made an appearance in the blogging world. No big deal. But now I actually have something fascinating to talk about! So we all win!

Last winter I took an introductory archaeology course at my school (mostly history and in-class method stuff). Over the semester a combination of :
a) not being in English anymore
b) having the best professor ever
c) discovering I was interested in subject matter and
d) watching all the Indiana Jones movies again
led me to the conclusion that I wanted to go on an archaeological dig.

Now if you've read some of my older posts you may recall that when I was younger I decided I wanted to be a monkey named Calypso. In case you are now wondering about my state of mind/physical being, I will let you know that I did not follow through on the whole Calypso dream. When I was maybe 9 I decided that I wanted to take Jazz dance lessons. When the time came to perform to some jungle-inspired song in a midnight-purple lycra onesie that dream died.
My aversion to singing in front of people (and a lack of dedication to guitar scales) burst my "I'll be a musician" bubble.
But worry not! This archaeology dream has not yet been dashed! And it will not (if it ever will) be dashed until my dig this summer has been completed, with every ounce of experience absorbed by my eager little mind. Though I cannot deny my hopes that spandex bodysuits stay out of this adventure. Please.

My school is kind enough to offer students credit for completing archaeological fieldwork, but they don't have any digs set up themselves, so we have to find another school with whom we can go. After a rather quick application process and my sending countless pestering e-mails to the assistant dig director the University of Massachusetts Amherst decided they'd accept me to the 2010 season digging up the hills of Tuscany. Thanks UMass Amherst. Much appreciated!

Are you jealous yet?

More details to come in the next couple days. I promise.

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