So when creating my blog I fell into a kind of trance of "What else can I cram on this screen to make it seem like I've done stuff to it after weeks of not writing anything new?" and decided to add days in history and quotes of the day. Ususally both yield nothing fun.
So Today, my quote of the day is from the great Mark Twain:

"Classic." A book which people praise and don't read.

I love him.


This "Dude" thing came from a planet that is little and big at the same time and is altogether quite spectacular. You see Dear, as I play video games I revert to a different mindset than I usually possess and I end up using different words of frustration than usual and I panic because dude, if you leave the screen without me I'm going to die. Again! So come on man, don't ditch Princess Crash Helmet, or I'll throw the controller at the cat and then things would escalate.

Does that answer your question?
Does that leave everyone else with a million more questions?
Level Complete!



Everyone told me that getting my wisdom teeth removed would not be too horrible. Most of these people were my friends, trying to comfort me so I would be less nervous. Some of these people just know that I'm a whiner and were being truly optimistic that it really wouldn't be too bad.
I don't remember ANY of the actual removal of the teeth, and I was extremely coherent when I awoke in the recovery chair. I remember sitting in the chair with the anaesthetist beside me slapping the hell out of my hand to make my veins IV-penetrable, hearing him say "Ooh, the vein collapsed so I'm going to have to try again", the nurse holding my head back in the chair so I couldn't run and then waking up in a different room with cotton stuffed cheeks.
I've never had dental work done ever. I go for my checkup and routine cleaning when I'm supposed to, but I've never had cavities or anything like that. Freezing was the weirdest experience I have ever... experienced. I couldn't tell the difference between my lower lip, tongue and chin and it was funny for a little bit until it started to hurt.
It's day 5, and it still hurts. My cheeks are swollen, my glands are exploding and my ear canals want to murder me. I just want to eat real food but my cheeks are still clumsily getting in the way of chewing and I think I taste blood. The stitches are coming out which I hate and makes me cringe and I keep falling asleep which means I can do nothing but read, watch tv, drink water and complain.

Happy Mothers Day, Anne!