Everyone told me that getting my wisdom teeth removed would not be too horrible. Most of these people were my friends, trying to comfort me so I would be less nervous. Some of these people just know that I'm a whiner and were being truly optimistic that it really wouldn't be too bad.
I don't remember ANY of the actual removal of the teeth, and I was extremely coherent when I awoke in the recovery chair. I remember sitting in the chair with the anaesthetist beside me slapping the hell out of my hand to make my veins IV-penetrable, hearing him say "Ooh, the vein collapsed so I'm going to have to try again", the nurse holding my head back in the chair so I couldn't run and then waking up in a different room with cotton stuffed cheeks.
I've never had dental work done ever. I go for my checkup and routine cleaning when I'm supposed to, but I've never had cavities or anything like that. Freezing was the weirdest experience I have ever... experienced. I couldn't tell the difference between my lower lip, tongue and chin and it was funny for a little bit until it started to hurt.
It's day 5, and it still hurts. My cheeks are swollen, my glands are exploding and my ear canals want to murder me. I just want to eat real food but my cheeks are still clumsily getting in the way of chewing and I think I taste blood. The stitches are coming out which I hate and makes me cringe and I keep falling asleep which means I can do nothing but read, watch tv, drink water and complain.

Happy Mothers Day, Anne!

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  1. so im creeping your blog
    and ithought you should know
    that if you had have asked me
    I would have told you that having your wisdom teeth out

    (read that as if it is blank verse.)