I'm still under alien attack on my abdomen so I'm not leaving my bed. I'm spending my time writing snippets of a Christmas story (in June), checking Fbook for no reason and reading a bunch. I started Michael Chrichton's State of Fear last week. It's getting really good now that I can stay awake long enough to know who the characters are. There's lots of science though, which isn't always easy for me to digest. When I'm done (which has to be soon since it's a library book) I'll be taking in some Jane Austen. My friends love Jane Austen. I find her boring. I should have realized an English degree might not work out for me... Anyway, I bought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies which features Seth Grahame-Smith's insertion of a zombie plague to make it more interesting. We shall see how it goes. I thought the back cover was funny, so that's a good start.
It's thundering loudly outside my window adding to the spooky nature of recent events and literary choices. It's also encouraging me to turn off my computer.

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