It’s been exactly one week since I last filled you all in on my adventures in Tuscany, and it feels like that timeframe is vastly incorrect. It feels like I’ve been here for months and I’m lovin’ every minute of it. I love exploring, I love meeting people, I love humongous camp-style meals consisting of absolutely fantastic food, I love the hill, I love playing in dirt, I love knowing the difference between terracotta and rock, I love the sun, I love the regional traditions. I love my uncomfortable bed, I love my gently crisping skin (yes I’m wearing sunscreen always), I love 8 hours on site crouching until my legs give out, I love my allergies, I love my blisters and I love not understanding anything that the ancient locals tell me.
I hate that none of you are here to experience this with me, and everything truly is an experience. You cannot be in this place and simply go through the days passively. I’m jumping at opportunities and soaking up the aftermath with a smile on my face and the sun in my eyes.
And now a few notes about my week:

· I remember names like nobody’s business

· Siena is one of the most beautiful cities in the world

· Nutella is the staple of the Scavi House diet

· I’m still not a huge fan of eggplant, but that does not stop me from eating it

· I have two of the world’s most fantastic people here with me to watch sunsets from the wall surrounding the medieval town of Murlo

· The Palio is in-tense and insane and one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed

· Pool Parties are a lot of fun

· The Etruscans certainly are mysterious

· To get to the dig-site you must hike up a massive hill; it takes me roughly 26 minutes

· Italian mosquitoes prefer more delicate blood than mine

· I am pretty damn talented in the trowel department thus-far

· My Canadian counterpart, Anna, is hilarious

· No matter how hot I am or how uncomfortable my bed is, I sleep like a baby after a work day

· Weekends are for laundry

· Lemon and Strawberry are my favourite flavours of Gelato. In one cone.

· Aloe is my friend

· Private Dancer is an excellent song for a ride in an Italian death-cab

· We only worked 1.5 days on the hill this week

· Homogenized milk is just as gross in Italy

· Cold showers are my new favourite thing

· Where there is a group of more than two, cliques will always form

· It’s better to embrace the dirtiness than focus on the rivers of mud that sweat from my body

· The Beach Boys, Elvis and Johnny Cash are popular in Vescovado. I belong.

· When everyone smells as bad as I do, I still want to shower

· My computer does not appreciate traveling

· The key to life here is to keep things breezy

Miss you all tons and I promise that more detailed stories are coming. E-mail me about home!!!!

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