I've been writing a few stories about a certain set of characters that have made themselves comfortably at home in my imagination. Too comfortable, if you ask me.

As I was re-reading one of these such stories I came across the word "plunked"which I generally only use to describe the act of unceremoniously placing a small child on a counter, table etc. I read it out loud and laughed because it sounds funny to my ears and then realized I was laughing because I thought there was no way this was a real word.

But Microsoft Office 2007 was not red-squiggling "plunked". It liked it. It even offered me other handy synonyms should I find myself unceremoniously placing fictitious children on precarious surfaces so often that I need another word for it.

But my Oxford paperback begs to differ on the "plunk" situation.

My Canadian Oxford Paperback says it is a word, but they mention nothing of children.

Okay literary world, what is it? Is it a word or not?

--Siobhan, why are you concerning yourself with the legitimacy of this word?-- you may be wondering.

I'm waiting for my Wonderbread to thaw so that I can make a satisfactory grilled-cheese and time needed to be killed. I might as well quander about words.

NOBODY thinks quander is a real word. Nobody. Except me. And I love it. Like pondering a quandary= to quander.

I mean, it's good, right?

I'm going to make it happen.

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