So hey. It's exam time here at school and I should be studying. People who know me know that generally, I'm not a studier. I am a student who does not study. It's such a common event that I think they should change one of the words because they just aren't related anymore. Mind you, I guess that's why we have the term "First-Year" so that conversations can go as follows:

"And where do you go to school?"
"Oh, I'm a First-Year at University of Ottawa."

Note that this response certainly does not lead you to believe that I should be studying.


Now I'm sad that the academic year is in fact almost over and this excuse just won't hold up for much longer.

Or maybe I'm just disillusioned as it is and First-Years do study.

Never mind.

Lately I have discovered that not only am I a first year, I'm a first-year who doesn't sleep. Also a common ailment according to the newsfeed on facebook that has people posting "Emery Ebeneezer Johnstonfieldser is NOT SLEEPING!?!?!? GYEAH!!???? WHY GOD!?!?!?!??!?! lol" at all hours of the morning, hereby filling my home page with reminders that being a First-Year takes quite a toll on one's sleep patterns.

Mine now consist of lying in bed for a while trying to sleep, trying to read for a while with Tired Eyes, attempting to sleep again, looking at the clock to find that it's 3 0'clock, reading, trying not to recognize the fact that I'm hungry, lying here staring at the cieling listening to cars drive below my window, counting in french, backwards, shifting so that i am lying in a different direction, looking at the clock to see that it is now 6, deciding the day has begun so why not eat, brush my teeth, wash my face, and fall asleep at 7:30 in the morning.

Obviously I'm getting a bit of sleep somewhere along the way and just not realizing it, because I'm still functioning. It's still annoying.

Somewhere before starting the sleep attempts, I have discovered that this guy is hilarious and makes for some good 4 AM chuckles when you're in that "I'm too tired to do anything but remember stupid parts of my day" stage of exhaustion. Go, watch some videos, and remember stupid parts of someone else's day.

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