Today when I got to school I witnessed a guy get out of his car and immediately blow his nose into a dirty, blue grey? blue dishwater-coloured handkerchief.
I get that it's allergy season. Believe me. My ears are driving me freaking insane. My lungs aren't working properly because they're all "Oh crap. Oh no. Oh shit. Pollen. You guys. Guess who's back. Back again. POLLEN."
I understand allergies.
I also understand that Kleenex has been making snot/tears their business since 1924. NBD. Except that it is. They have freakin' got this under control.
Maybe this dude is just nostalgic for a time before disposable facial tissues?
 No. 88 years is plenty long enough to adjust to the new form of mucous management. PS, he was 32 years old AT MOST.
Don't tell me about the environment. I know all that. And I know that my immune system is fairly useless. Carrying around a moist ball of fabric and germs and god knows what else in your pocket does not endear you to me. Kleenexes will dissolve. My failing midterms due to 103 degree fevers will not.
Lastly, that hanky was disgusting.

It looked like the bottom of my sweatpants after I eat chicken wings sans napkin.

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