I have one final left.
And about 6 boxes of Kleenex worth of sickness still in my body. Pretty standard really.
But I'm not contagious, and I wash my hands a lot (you're WELCOME world).
My two finals yesterday went as follows:

           8:00am:  These seats are assigned? Well I'm in the wrong spot...
           8:03:  I'm SO GOOD at filling out Scantron sheets! I wish I got bonus points for speed and accuracy in filling out my name and student number. Good start. Other than being in the wrong spot.
           8:07: I got this... I know most of these answers!
           8:14: Well eff you page 8.
           8:30: I think I have 60 of the first 90 questions most likely right. I can pass? I'm passing? I think I'll pass?
           8:45: Calculations... why are you so intensive? If you have more than one conversion and at least 3 steps I'm just going to guess the answer. I have a 25% chance of guessing right. I have a 100% chance of still not figuring out how to solve this problem an hour from now... Guessing it is.
           9:05: And that is as good as it will ever get. Thanks for that... learning experience.. physics..?

Incas and their Successors
      3:30 pm: Well I don't know any of this material.
      3:37: Yep. I didn't know a single one of those 40 answers. I'm failing the class? I think? I'm probably failing?
      3:38: Thanks for that... insight into my life?.. Incas? I still blame Zimmer.

Anyway, those are in the past. As is my take-home final that I wrote and handed in this morning (4 days EARLY!) And I just have Primatology left. I like primatology. I'm excited to review my notes and go over everything that I've learned! So excited that I made some cookies. Only 10. It was an experimental batch, you know how it is with new recipes when you're too broke to waste precious cocoa on a full batch of possibly Not-Worth-It-Cookies (they exist).
They're okay. They look like an experiment in plate tectonics. Hahahahhaaaaa, and they're on a plate. Have I mentioned that my sleep patterns are still thoroughly disturbed? Humour me. They're not my finest work, I'll probably take them over to the Boys' House and let them deal with it.

Natural Disaster Cookies... I wish I was more enthused about these. So much wasted potential.

In better news... my photography skills are improving? I think they're improving? Maybe? I'm passing?

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  1. I am loving the self-confidence here Von....it's improving? You're passing? :P