It's a bit of a dick move; posting these pictures of my latest sewing success when the intended recipient hasn't been able to admire it first-hand in all of its completed glory.

At least not with the head attached properly.
 There was an emergency involving a form of separation anxiety. Head became separated from body. It made me anxious.

Nevertheless, it has been dealt with.

So smiley! And both with such skillfully attached heads!

Anyway, it's not my fault that Creamsicle Panda is at my house and his owner? BFF? sidekick..? my boyfriend is in BC, unable to partake in cuddling the little guy's super soft fur and keeping me safe from zombies and other undead things whilst we watch The Walking Dead and reread Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (BTWs,  I don't remember if I blogged about it to say "Hey, this book is really good you guys!" before it was a movie or whatever... but I meant to. Because it is.)

But anyway, back to the bear. He's fuzzy. He's a panda. He's the colour of creamsicles. (I also forgot if I told you about my creamsicle cupcakes I made for my birthday? They tasted like creamsicles! In cupcake form! It was surreal!)

Back to the bear. He's pretty awesome.

And he's a superhero.

Of course he is. How could he not be when I was listening to the score from The Bourne Supremacy while sewing? I mean... come on now.

Try and do something NOT EPIC while this is playing.  

Here's the bear in his get-up: 

Pretty sure this is considered dancing... Pretty sure the dance maneuver pictured is, in fact, 
The Sneaky Pete.

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