To the customer at work yesterday:

Thank you for saying I'm a "total babe" while I:
a) looked like hell 
b) hated every second of demonstrating how to use the Jelly Belly Manual Ice Shaver (only $14.99! You supply the power!)

I occasionally require outside recognition that I can, in fact, be feminine. I did wear a pink dress that I sewed and designed today. Then I came home, changed into my man-shirt that I turned into a long tank top and no pants, and enjoyed 3 day old pizza and beer while watching The Walking Dead.

And made cupcakes and another dress.

It's a modern world we live in my friends. And I am glad. I am fairly certain Betty Draper would love to have been able to indulge in pizza and beer and pantsless-apartment wandering and gory shows about the undead. Maybe she would have been less of a biatch if she had done so every now and then. Sorry Betty. The truth hurts.

For the record, Mad Men bored me half to death. I only kept watching it because the constant quiet dialogue with lack of backing music made me feel like I wasn't ALWAYS home alone when I moved in to my apartment.

It could use some zombies.
I'm just saying.

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