I shouted that no more than 15 minutes ago.
You guys, today has not been good to me.
I mean, sure yeah, I woke up this morning alive, so that's good, but breathing is strugglesome (I JUST MADE A GREAT WORD!), my allergies are giving me migraines, my allergy medicine is honestly jacked full of caffeine so I'm not sleeping, I have a midterm that involves math tomorrow (please, just, no...) and I'll be at work instead of in the sun/in bed until late this evening. On my way home from school I did that thing again where I had to pee kindof on my way to the bus stop and if I'd just gone in to my boyfriend's house to pee on my way it would have been fine,
but I didn't.
And then the bus was late and I couldn't go back to their house to pee because I knew the bus would arrive as soon as I did! It was basically almost a disaster.

AND I got hooked on Dance Moms.

Just terrible.

In better news I might have some more doodles tomorrow if the asthma/allergies/astronomy doesn't kill me first.

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