I finally finished the cupcakes at 11:30.

About a quarter of the way through I started with the "DEAR GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING!?"
I still haven't got an answer, just sayin'.

The kiwi ones (there were two and a half) actually taste pretty good! But they're a little bit green. Not green enough to be all "Oh Hai, I'm a green cupcake ON PURPOSE", but just green enough to be all "I'm delicious, please overlook my slightly off-putting colour to enjoy me."

"You guys can't tell, can you? Right? I look fine?"

 When it was over at last, I wanted to take a picture to document the quantity and quality of all 4 batches (*note: it would have been 2 batches if I had more than one muffin tin. BUT I DON'T). I took some pictures. As I was taking them I kindof laughed thinking they looked like an army. And they maybe were mobilizing to overthrow me.

"We never forget"

I flashed back to when I said that eating cupcakes is my favourite part of making them.

I couldn't sleep! I keep thinking what if I accidentally baked cupcakes of VENGEANCE!!!!!

What if I'm overreacting?

Because that never happens ever. HAhahaha!

AND HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun! Get silly! Don't get mauled by cupcakes!

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