I'm supposed to be summarizing articles for class tomorrow. But guys, come on, they're pretty dry. One of them said "ethnopolitical" about 16 times on the first page and I said "Hmmm, this isn't going to be happening."
I was correct!
The other one isn't quite such a hard read, but I thought of lyrics halfway through page 5 and I got my ukulele on page 7 and then I started writing a song instead of summarizing. It's nowhere near done, but the lyrics are prime my friends. If I could hand in this song for marks, it would dazzle my prof into giving me glowing reviews and a 95 in the whole course. Well, maybe if it was about the Legacy of Mesoamerica... which it's not.
But it is adorable and that should count for something.

Proof to be posted when both summary and song are completed.
Could be a while, folks.

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