I'm such a terrible photographer it's almost funny
Not quite yet actually, sorry to get you all pumped up like my new kicks (I legitimately bought new sneakers today) These are they them? they -------------------------->

Anyway, I have to clean the kitchen before I can bake. Then I'll bake and have to clean the kitchen again. My favourite part about cupcakes has to be the cleaning up (I'm lying, my favourite part is eating them). I'm making a whole bunch tonight for my coworkers tomorrow since it's St. Patrick's day and instead of getting loaded at 11am we're all going to be selling fridges and pillows and bras to old ladies or something. I don't know. I don't pay attention all the time. Regardless, everyone likes when I bake and everyone hates when I run out of treats early. So I'll make more this time. I can't give you numbers, just, like, a whole bunch.

AND I bought kiwis today! And I have strawberry cream cheese. So I'm thinking I will do an experiment in which I make a whole slew of vanilla cupcakes then when I'm down to the last of the batter I'll turn it into a kiwi thing and then ice it with strawberry cream cheese icing. I have a suspicion that it will work out terribly, but that rarely stops me from doing things (especially harmless things like cupcake baking). What's the worst that could happen.

If it fails, I have a bag of Birthday Cake Oreos. NBD.

Just kidding. IT'S BASICALLY THE BIGGEST DEAL OF THE MONTH! IT'S BLOWING MY MIND HOW MUCH I LOVE MR CHRISTIE AND HIS FRIENDS AT NABISCO KRAFT RIGHT NOW (for the record I totally thought Nabisco had the whole Oreo thing tight in their cookie-fatted fists. I checked. I was wrong. Who knew!?!?!?)

Sorry, I thought I got that all out of my system like, 4 hours ago. Again, I was wrong. I seem to be forming a habit!

I'll let you know how it goes. Shortly.

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